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Always Wanted a New Nose - Philadelphia, PA

I am seriously considering rhinoplasty/chin...

I am seriously considering rhinoplasty/chin implant or liposuction of jaw line. It will be my birthday present for my 47th year next February. I thought it best to read as much as possible before making the decision. I have a consult scheduled for July 26th. I need to save up for the surgery so it will take at least 9 months to a year to do so. I am type 1 diabetic so I have concerns for the pre and post op. Is anyone out there a type 1 who can share their experiences with me? I need to find out if I can take out insurance in case something happens on the day (you never know) and the surgery has to be canceled. Do they reschedule or do you lose your money? I wear contacts but have to wear glasses at times as I am very short sighted. Can I wear my glasses during the recovery period?

After taking photos for this blog have now...

After taking photos for this blog have now realized how much I need some work on my jaw line/jowls. Ugh! I have spent a lot of time reading reviews and am scared to do any procedure. I read about Nivea Q10 firming cream having impressive results for tightening of the jowl area so will give it a shot. Still considering the rhinoplasty but am I taking a risk with my health being type 1 diabetic?
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Hi there,

Just wondering if you ever went through with rhinoplasty and, if so, how it went!

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Dr. Pontell waves the consultation fee if you say you saw the ad on realself. Mine was free.
Go see him. You won't be sorry! Keep us posted!
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I think everyone is self concious of their looks in one way or another :). Remember, when we're worried about our "flaws", the person next to you isn't evaluating them
for you top, but rather is worried about their own. It sounds like you have a lot of positive things going on for you which is excellent!! Focus on those things first :). As for the $100 consult, this is pretty common. Some are free, some charge but then it will be put towards your surgery, others will not. Mine didn't, but I pretty much could ask unlimited questions before signing up :). Don't sign up for anything unless you're 110% confident in your PS :) preferably one that specializes in the procedure you're looking for :)
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hello :). have you booked a consult with a plastic surgeon? because that would be a great question to ask. research some specialists in your area and book a few consults. and you can wear your contacts after but you can't wear any type of glasses until months later, unless you tape them to your forehead lol. good luck and keep us posted!
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I have booked a consult but just found out he charges $100 (to be applied to your surgery, yeah, yeah, yeah). I don't want to waste my money if I get there and he says it would be dangerous. I have sent a question to the doctors on this site but have not heard back. My 26 year old son tagged me in a photo on his facebook wall this morning. It is a photo of me as a 20 year old holding him as a baby. How frightening to see what life has done to my face in 26 years! No one in my family knows I am considering this as I wanted to do thorough research before going down that road. Part of me keeps thinking "you have a hot, young new husband who married you a month ago didn't he, so you can't look that bad" and I only make my cat recoil in horror every now and then when I get up in the morning. Maybe I am having a mid life crisis.....
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