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I just had it done so I am a bit biased. I...

I just had it done so I am a bit biased.

I had a single syringe injected into both cheeks and a bit of restylane to smooth out the furrow near the eye. I have had serious undereye circles for years (hereditary) and had undergone a recent weight loss so I looked ill and tired. The nurse who injected me was smart, conservative and gave me exactly what I needed.

There was a little bit of pressure and a twinge--she hit a nerve but beyond that it was painless. I now have a bit fuller cheek and a bit of softening of the tear trough. I know that it will never now be a dark circle but at least now people see my face first.
Definitely, gave me a few years back. We'll see how it progresses.

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

I was handled with care and respect. Very professional. But would not say the cheapest. These people know what they are doing.

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I too go to dr bucky's office. He is awesome. The nurses are great! Yes they are more expensive than most, but they are worth it. Very professional and perfectionists! When it comes to my face and body, I want the best, and if it costs a bit more than so be it! Bucky is the best!
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To Philadephia:

First off, it pains me when you said the nurse hit a nerve. There's a nurse at my doc's office that does Radiesse, but she's not coming near me of my BFF. Secondly, sorry you paid so much. We paid $600 for 1 syringe & our doc. would never hit a nerve. It creeps me out when you say that!! Gia
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whats your surgeons name Gia?
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