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Hey Ladies, I am getting very nervous about my...

Hey Ladies, I am getting very nervous about my upcoming surgery, ( anesthesia, infection, etc) I have actually considered canceling!! I've been considering this surgery for about a year and 1/2...when I realized I had actual muscle damage from havinga 23 inch long, 10 1/2 lb. "little" angel..I had actually went for a consult for a regular hernia repair, but the Dr. recommended I get the muscle repaired along with it because, he explained, I would never be able to go back to doing my beloved sit ups, push-ups etc. with separated muscles without further damaging them or re-injurying my hernia. thing led to the next and I figured hhmmmm..the boobs could use a little work too! I may also get a little lipo but not sure about that yet..

I actually feel guilty about having this done, considering I have a 21 month old. I know I need the hernia and muscle repair, but the other stuff is obviously vanity/self esteem related..the amount I expect to spend does not include lipo if I have it..I

If anyone has advice or has utilized this Dr. for a similar surgery please share your knowledge..

Exactly one week OMG I'm really scared!! I will...

Exactly one week OMG I'm really scared!! I will upload some before pics a little later today.
Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon

This Dr. is close to me location-wise, he operated on me and several family members before. ( for non-cosmetic surgeries) He is triple board certified, and seems to know his stuff.

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How r u? Let us know how it went...
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2 days post op!!! The pain is pretty bad but is a tiny better than it was on day one! Why won;t this f=give me a place to post pics?
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2 days post-op! The pain is pretty bad but a tiny bit better than it was on day one...I am usually pretty good on a computer but this site is confusing when it comes to posting pics and editing/adding my own posts etc...any suggestions?
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When you do an update on a review it will show a place to add pics at the bottom of the review/blog post you hit browse to get the pic off you computer.
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I have been under twice and while I understand why it is everyone's biggest fear it really isn't bad and actually is quite nice! You won't ever get such a deep restful sleep ever again! They usually give you stuff pre surgery while your waiting that relaxes you and you forget a lot before hand also. My surgery is Dec 17th and all I'm feeling right now is pure excitement after wanting this for 10 years! Good luck every Mom deserves to feel good about herself!
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Hi, Welcome to RS & congrats on your upcoming surgery...You will be fine & will look pics & keep us surgery is Dec 13..
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Welcome to RealSelf.

You are doing the right thing so stay positive and keep moving forward.  You deserve this woman!

The fears you are feeling are all part of the process and we all go through them.  You are going to do great and will love the results.  New woman, new mama ahead!

Keep us up to date.

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Thanks Kimmers25!! I am trying to get a list of anything i could possible need to recover faster, easier and better..if anyone has any suggestions its much appreciated!
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The best advice I can give for recovery is "Patience".   This is a long haul so please don;t be hard on yourself.  

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