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I have recently gotten the procedure done and...

I have recently gotten the procedure done and I'm constantly researchig its effectiveness. I had it don't February 2,2012 and so far, on my upper and lower abdomen, I'm slightly bigger than I was before. Before i weighed 115 and now I weigh 120.

I'm not sure if this is still my stomach swollen but the pregnant appearance went away shortly 2 days after the procedure. I was hoping if someone could let me know how they were looking a week into it and if they had noticed a slight change. Now this is only my first treatment and I have 2 more to go.

Reason my treatments were so cheap bc I bought the deal on groupon. But please let me know if this is normal if anyone can comment. I was hoping to slim down, not appear to be more round.


Hi Tyler, thanks for sharing your expereince with us.

If you have any specific questions we have board certified doctors on RealSelf who can help, if you use the ask a question facility. Answers usually come through within 24 hours.


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