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I felt like my face had really aged over the past...

I felt like my face had really aged over the past year. Went to dr. and he put in a little juvederm in just my upper lip. He was really careful not to over do it. I loved it! I feel like it made me look years younger. Once the swelling went down I was a little disappointed because I thought the inital effect was perfect, but i think that's to be expected. The dr told me at the time that we would work slowly on the perfect amount for me. I made an appointment for next week (two weeks after initial visit) to put in a little more, He used so little the first time, I still have more left in the syringe, so Im not paying for more. This Dr. is really an expert. No side effects, I had a little bruise on my lip that was easily covered by lipstick, and even w/o covering it just looked a little like my lip was a little chapped in that area, hardly noticeable and went away in 2 days. Overall, totally worth it. I promise i dont work for a dr. I just wanted to give my opinion b/c I came on this site so often before I did it, and it was helpful.


sure, his name is dr. D. He is located {edited}. I think you can get an appointment pretty quickly.

{By Britt, please PM for Dr info}
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Hi. Would you be kind enough to supply the doctors location and perhaps telephone #. Also, how long does it take to get an appointment?

I appreciate this, as I am going through some tough times.
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I don't have any pics (i forgot to take any, but now wish Id done before and afters), but i will keep you all updated!
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Dr. Debias

Very professional, focuses on a natural look

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