Dysport for Horizontal Forehead Lines & Crows Feet - Philadelphia, PA

I am a 36 year old female, and just had 66 units...

I am a 36 year old female, and just had 66 units of Dysport injected into my forehead and crow's feet areas. I will update this posting as things change (I just had the injections today). I was a bit hesitant to have Dysport, primarily due to the negative reviews on this website. However, like Botox, I knew that having a good injector really matters. I felt very confident in my physician's experience with both Botox and Dysport, so when she told me she felt Dysport was a better choice for me I didn't hesitate. The injections didn't hurt me at all - just tiny little pinches. If you have your eyebrows waxed that probably hurts more. Within about an hour I could see a very minor improvement in my horizontal forehead lines and my crow's feet (probably only something I would notice though) I also have naturally hooded eyelids (I've had them since I was a child) and I've already noticed a very subtle lift in my lid. I'm sure in the future I will need an upper bleph but for now this seems like it will do the trick. I will add photos in a few days so you can see my before & afters...

48 Hours Later

I am at the 48 hour mark after having 66 units of Dysport injected into my forehead (horizontal lines) and crow's feet. I am aware that the full effect of the injections may not have taken place yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm just about where it's going to get me since I only had 66 units injected. Overall I am happy, however, I think I needed a little bit more (units). I also wish I had my glabella injected (it didn't bother me until after my forehead starting smoothing out - LOL!) This was my first time with any type of injections, so neither me nor my doctor knew how I'd respond to them. I am going back on the 26th for Juvederm on my nasolabial folds so I plan to have a little more Dysport injected into my forehead and also my glabella injected (possibly using Botox on that area, however). My eyelids have not dropped and I've not had any weird reactions or side effects.
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Thanks for updating us! Isn't it funny how when one area starts to smooth out you can see the, umm...lack of smoothness in other areas?!

Do you mind me asking why you are considering switching to Botox for the glabella area?

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Glad to hear you are liking the way it turned out! I couldn't agree more with you on the importance of having a highly skilled injector. Looking forward to seeing your pictures!

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