Got my Quote from Duran!!! - Philadelphia, PA

I have been visiting the site quite often and...

I have been visiting the site quite often and decided to try to contact Dr Duran regarding BBL and to my surprise she responded within 10 mins!! So just wanted to pass the info along! The best way to contact her is on Facebook email. I hope this helps! Sidebar: how do I get in contact with Dr yily? I want a quote from her as well.


I'm blowing Duran email UP! I have everything else solidified...except the most important part.
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It seem like fb email is the best way. Just stick to the facts pictures and what u want done. Good luck to you!
I messaged her once when I saw her online but she hasn't accepted my friend request so she may not have been able to see it (its in her OTHER box), I keep saying I'm gon call and haven't done it yet. I don't want to pay $150 to get someone else to do it, I don't got it like that.

Massage Therapist in Philadelphia????

Anybody knows of anyone doing lymphatic massages in Philadelphia? I'm having such a hard time locating one. Thanks ladies!


I am looking for a lymphatic massage here in Philly as well. Let me know if you find one
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@upgrademe2014, I am seriously leaning towards dr ortega also. I want both done bbl & ba. Since u had em both done 2gether how was recovery? Would you do it again at the same time? How did u sleep? Which one did he do first? Cuz if he do ur butt 1st then he gotta lay u on ur new butt to do ur breast. I'm just curious if I should do Em both 2gether.
Did you ever find a massage therapist ?
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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