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I have been struggling with acne my entire life....

i have been struggling with acne my entire life. its so discouraging. Any time i consider it, my friends talk me out of it because of the side effects.all i hear about are the worst possible scenarios caused by the medication and I truly wonder how often those things actually occur. I literally cant take it anymore though, i want to clear up my back and chest desperately. Does anyone have any advice? Stories?

Hi. I am 41 and finished it one year ago. I had acne all along but it started to scar my face in my 20's. No doctors would put me on it as I was a woman "of childbearing age." I finally found a dermatologist who was willing to put me on it. It has pretty much been a miracle. My face is completely clear and not one breakout. I couldn't be happier and only wish that someone would have been willing to put me on it decades ago.

I am 31 female. I have been suffering from acne for the last 15 years. Last year I started to have severe back and chest acne. Just like everyone else I have tried a lot of products. Nothing gave me results. Don't wait until acne destroys your face completely. I wish I started it earlier. My doctor prescribed me 20mg/day of Sortret (generic) for 7 month. After first month my back and chest acne were completely gone. My face is clear too, just scars and occasional very small non painful pimples that are gone within 2-3 days. I do experience negative side effects. My lips are dry ( I use aquaphor-it helps a lot), I have joint pain, not terrible but I had to stop working out. Now I can only do very light exercises. I have difficulties focusing and concentrating. But I feel like it is all worth it. This medication negatively effects your liver, so prior the treatment I was on medication to support it. I think the lower dose for longer time is the better way versus higher dosage for a shorter time. This medication is not a miracle because of the negative side effects, but I think it is the only medication on the market that gives an amazing results. I am very happy and will recommend it to anyone suffering from acne.
Hi there ! I cannot tell you how much accutane (absorica) has changed my life. I find myself getting wierd looks when i say that but Only someone who has suffered for years with acne could understand that statement. I am in my third month of treatment and honestly I really haven't had any side effects. My skin is doing really well. I don't have any severely dry skin or joint pains. I no longer walk with my head down if someone is passing me. As a matter of fact the only make up I ware now is eye liner/shadow and lipstick. Please check out my photos. I hope I have been some what helpful.
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