Medical Practice Demo'd Liposonix - Philadelphia, PA

I run a medical practice. In my research I demo'd...

I run a medical practice. In my research I demo'd both the liposonix device and the Coolsulting device. I treated my love handles with both. The liposonix tx was considerably painful at the recommended energy levels. So much so that I could not complete the treatment. The trainer recommended the energy level be lowered and more passes over the area be performed. I was skeptical. Additionally, I was not impressed with the results.


Did you see another girls' post on here? She said she went with more passes at a lower degree and had great results! Supposedly better than what it could've been with only being 3 passes at a higher degree. She got more passes and got more out it that way in the end.
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In comparison to cool sculpting which do you feel provides the most reduction? Kindly,

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Hi Inphilly, thanks for sharing your experience with us. Did you see any results at all from the procedure or was there no noticable difference?

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