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The information given to me by ortho was...

The information given to me by ortho was incomplete and left me believing that the comfort, invisibility and result would be excellent. None were the case, and now that the result is not aesthetic, the ortho does not seem to have a plan of how to correct. Instead of making a new plan, he persists with the current one. Nine months of treatment and the result is poor.


I live in Philadelphia and I'm looking for an Orthro for Invisalign. Where did you go ?
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First, I was not referring to the normal discomfort of teeth moving that I fully expected. I was referring to the lacerations and sores of the gums and tongue. Addtionally, the edges of the appliances are not flush with the teeth and therefore create an uncomfortable and unnatural space for the tongue. When the appliance is not being worn, the attachments are rough or pointed and irritate at each point that they make contact with the inside of the mouth. I never expected complete invisibility. However, I was not informed of the multiple attachments which create bumps on the front of the teeth. It is impossible not to notice the lack of a flat plain. Finally, invisalign is not successful at correcting all problems. For example, it can not completely correct an overbite or line up the mid-line. Only rubber bands can do that, and they only successly do it with real braces. Unfortunately, these last facts were not shared with me by the orthodontist. And I believe he knew just what he was doing...
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As for the part where it's uncomfortable and not completely invisible, well yeah, I think it's obvious that it would be right to assume a patient knows that it would be uncomfortable. You're moving teeth here, it's not magic, there has to be pressure on the teeth and it's gonna be uncomfortable. You can't expect yourself not to feel anything. And yeah it's not 100% invisible, but is it more visible than metal braces on your teeth? As for the second part, where they didnt quite fix your teeth. Sorry about that. Just sounds like they didnt know what they were doing.
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When I complained about the spaces created, he became defensive and asked if I wanted to quit. I understand this to mean that he wants to quit because he is unable to provide a satisfactory result.

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