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I went to Dr. Gabbay office today and he's...

I went to Dr. Gabbay office today and he's charging me 4000$ for a lift & 5500$ for lift with saline implants. Its too expensive i have 2000 alredy but idk man :( I dont know what to do? What you think girls? Should i do mu butt first? Because BBL is more work & its about the same price :( i want to go step by step transforming my body but this is so frustrating.


Personally, I think a lift and implant will really make the biggest difference in your look and how you feel about yourself. You can always save your money again, which I know is so hard to do these days, and deal with your butt later. Just my 2 cents! Have you done any further research or made any decisions yet? Keep us posted!

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pics please... then I'll tell you ... shoot straight from the hip if you will...
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