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Hey ladies! Just like many of you, I have been...

Hey ladies! Just like many of you, I have been wanting to enhance my butt somehow for YEARS!!! The exercising the muscles thing just did not work for me. I started hearing about injections, but they are VERY dangerous and illegal, so I came to learn more about the BBL and I must say I am SUPER DUPER excited!

I am near Philadelphia, PA and I am scheduling my consultation with Dr. Gabay next week. I will keep everyone posted on how my consultation went, prices, procedures and some other issues we may discuss during our meeting. I am 5'7 and weigh about 160 right now. I will post some pics of my "before" weight shortly.

Hello, I am thinking of scheduling a consult with Dr. Gabay. I am the same height and weight 5'7 152 lbs with an average frame. I don't want a BIG butt, just a small waist and nice round butt. Can you tell me if you are happy with your surgery and what it cost all together as I will have to travel to see him. Thank you for any advice
whens your sx
good luck
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