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Today I had Ultherapy done on just my brow area. I...

Today I had Ultherapy done on just my brow area. I wanted to get lifting and tightening of my upper eye area.

At the initial consult, I was offered the chance to have a Percoset prescribed to pre-medicate with before the procedure. I stupidly said no, I'm pretty tough ..... this was a mistake on my part!

Articles that downplay the discomfort of Ultherapy are not being truthful. I know pain tolerance differs from person to person, but getting enough pain relief is very important.

My aesthetician used solely nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for pain relief during the procedure. I was inhaling like crazy trying to suck in more nitrous for pain relief. It hurt, let me tell you! The best description I can offer is that it feels like a staple gun is shooting hot staples into your head. Three or four times I asked to stop momentarily.

Pain ranged from simply uncomfortable to the "yikes-stop-stop" feeling.

I was informed later that a patient can have one of the doctors administer a facial nerve block pre-procedure. This is definitely the way I'll go next time.

I notice slight improvement in the affected area. It will take 60-90 days to get full effect as the collagen builds, so I'm unconcerned about seeing results right now.

So I would do it again, but only with adequate pain control.

Do you mind telling who was your doctor? Also how do you feel about your results now?

Hi pale,

Welcome to the Ultherapy community! Other community members too have mentioned pain. You might want to check out this info about pain in the Ulterha product knowledge section. I'm glad your doctor made you aware of how long it will take to see full effect. Please keep us updated.

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