Looking Good but Feeling Bad - Peru, South America

I am slim so there was no extra fat to do a fat...

I am slim so there was no extra fat to do a fat transfer. The implant looks great but is extremely uncomfortable when sitting or laying on your back. It has been 3 years. I thought with time it would get better. I wish I could have talked to people who had done this before. I'm from the USA but I went to Peru because it was cheaper. So there is no going back to the Dr. If it were possible I would remove the implant and have fat put in. I don't know if this is a common problem.

Wow. Is it uncomfortable cuz the surgery was performed poorly or is it cuz thats how all implants feel? Please let me kno cuz im considering implants!!!
Hey lady sorry for this .... how r you now?...were u able to get removal.
I still have it and It still is uncomfortable. I have not had any problems but I worry about in the future if something could go wrong. I would look deformed if they were removed.
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