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Red Circles Around the Eyes After Facelift (Age 60)


FOR ME THERE ARE MORE CONS THAN PROS. If I knew how long the recuperacion was going to take I did not do it.

I did it because I am 60 and I wanted to look younger.

I had a facelift almost 4 months ago, swelling and numbness still there but I am worrier about, what look like broken blood vessels under my eyes. Is there anything that I can do about it? It is repairable?
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Doctors don't explain really how the recuperation is after the surgery. For me have been a nightmare.

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My Dr gave me an antibiotic because I apparently had a little infection in my cheeks. It helped a lot.
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Medication for what? Broken blood vessels? I am seven months after face/neck lift and feel tight, sore and heat intolerant. I am shocked how many people experience prolonged recovery. Hopefully, you are doing well. Please update us. I know people who feel "normal" at six months, but many others that are told they are "unusual" with prolonged pain and a stretched feeling. I wonder what is actually "true".
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This is going on month # 4. My Dr gave me some medication and it's working!!! Yea!!!!
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Thank you "Hello in AL" and DrShureih, It's been 10 weeks as of today and I can finally say that I'm seeing improvement. I look a little better everyday. I'm not ready for the Drs photo album yet but I think after 6 months I'll be on the cover. lol I did my homework and research and my Dr is very qualified. I guess I'm one of those people that takes a long time to heal. I was very worried and I appreciate both of you posting because you gave me hope. Thank you
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Although we heal differntly, there are many reasons for that , general health, medication we take, genetics, and so on. Before embarking on any surgery, and face lift is an ELECTIVE surgery, you should have all the information regarding the surgery and the recovery time and the pros and cons. You also should have had all the information about your doctor and his certification, experience and so on. Then you should have made your decision based on information. Broken blood vessels can be treated with vasular laser.
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I feel the same way. Had I known it would take this long to heal I wouldn't have had my facelift. I'm 7 weeks post op and I still have lumps on both of my cheeks. It looks like I have horrible acne. I hate this!!! I feel like I'm disfigured for life.
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When I had my facelift, I was so worried that after 2 months I still had huge bags under my eyes and swelling on the sides of my face. However, now - about 6 months later, I see much better results. The swelling is finally subsiding. It does take longer to heal than what I expected. But, be patient. I know that is difficult to do. But, I would give it 6 months, then if things are the same ask questions of your PS about what can be done. Hope this makes you feel a little better.
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