Post-Surgery Remarks - Perth, Australia

I have been thinking about Rhinoplasty ever since...

I have been thinking about Rhinoplasty ever since I was a teenager (for about ten years). My nose isn't terribly ugly, but it has a hump and I feel it is too big for my facial features and makes me feel unfeminine.

I can now afford to go ahead with the proceedure.

But I'm holding back because (ironically) I'm concerned about what people around me will think afterwards. Will they think I'm vain, or selfish? Will they laugh behind my back at me? Will they judge me as being insecure or superficial? Its made eveen harder as I work as a health professional and I've heard snide remarks being made at people with botox and lip implants.

What have other peoples experience been with others after the surgery?

Wow so true, I have just decided to have a tt and in excitement I have told people at work and I am wishing I never told anyone now. I think maybe deep down people are jealous everyone has something they would love to fix.

I agree with tiffypoo! I had a friend try to talk me out of mine, but I'm SO glad I didn't let her. It's your nose and your face. I think everyone has something they would like to get done. You just have the get-up-and-go to do it. Try not to worry too much. In my case, I don't think anyone would have noticed if I hadn't told them.

Good luck! And let us know what you decide.

P.S. You may also have some septum issues, which you can play up when telling people about the surgery...make it seem more medically necessary than elective. Without actually lying of course. ;)

i am in the same boat as you. I am a nurse and my friends are giving me a hard time about it. I'm getting mine done in June and everyone with the exception of one friend thinks I'm crazy for having it done. They also have small noses and dont understand what its like to have a shnoz! lol anyways i just dont care anymore what anyone else thinks because im doing this for me. trust me...when its over and done with, even though they said why? they will be like wow it really does look better!
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