I Am Just Trying and Hoping That at Least This Treatment Will Work - Perth, Australia

After long research on internet I have found...

After long research on internet I have found Acoustic wave therapy, shortly after I went for consult. The lady ( not doctor but beauty therapist),check my problem areas, and says that there 5 grades of cellulite- they only treat 1 to 3( and 3 is problematic-very mixed result). My she said was grade 1 with some grade 2 spots, and I will need cover 5 areas(222AU$ per treatment). Although she has recommended 2-3 treatments a week I could go only 1 a week. So we have decided 6 treatments 1 a week -3 months break and then some touch ups if it is needed. She has also mentioned that treatment work gradually that I may see improvement after 3 months or even year...So far I have done 2 treatment ,looking forward to 3d one. Results-well.. may be some slight skin tightening...

Hi Everyone! 3 months gone and I just had my check up. Grade 1 areas so much better,less visible, more toned, however areas with grade 2 still there. But I am happy with results. Next time I am planning to get about 6 more treatment only on grade 2 regions (2 areas-90$ per treatment). THE other big news we got new anti cellulite cream in Australia " Elexia", my friend has been using it and she is very pleased with results. I am going to try it too, before next treatment circle( in couple months). AlwaysHappyMe
Hi Sacha. So far I have done 5 treatments. I can see skin is getting much smoother ,some improvement on inner thigh. I do know that I have to be patient as treatment works slowly with time. I am going to have my last 6th treatment next week and will have break after that, I think for 3 months. I think it is just like IPL take sometime to see real results. Regards, AlwaysHappyMe
Hi Always,

Any updates on your treatments yet? I have been considering geting this done however am trying to weigh up whether it is worth the money.


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I am still in the process and can not say for sure...

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