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After long research on internet I have found...

After long research on internet I have found Acoustic wave therapy, shortly after I went for consult. The lady ( not doctor but beauty therapist),check my problem areas, and says that there 5 grades of cellulite- they only treat 1 to 3( and 3 is problematic-very mixed result). My she said was grade 1 with some grade 2 spots, and I will need cover 5 areas(222AU$ per treatment). Although she has recommended 2-3 treatments a week I could go only 1 a week. So we have decided 6 treatments 1 a week -3 months break and then some touch ups if it is needed. She has also mentioned that treatment work gradually that I may see improvement after 3 months or even year...So far I have done 2 treatment ,looking forward to 3d one. Results-well.. may be some slight skin tightening...

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I am still in the process and can not say for sure...

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Hi Everyone! 3 months gone and I just had my check up. Grade 1 areas so much better,less visible, more toned, however areas with grade 2 still there. But I am happy with results. Next time I am planning to get about 6 more treatment only on grade 2 regions (2 areas-90$ per treatment). THE other big news we got new anti cellulite cream in Australia " Elexia", my friend has been using it and she is very pleased with results. I am going to try it too, before next treatment circle( in couple months). AlwaysHappyMe
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Hi Sacha. So far I have done 5 treatments. I can see skin is getting much smoother ,some improvement on inner thigh. I do know that I have to be patient as treatment works slowly with time. I am going to have my last 6th treatment next week and will have break after that, I think for 3 months. I think it is just like IPL take sometime to see real results. Regards, AlwaysHappyMe
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Hi Always,

Any updates on your treatments yet? I have been considering geting this done however am trying to weigh up whether it is worth the money.


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Hi Always,

Thanks so much for the review. You've had two sessions so far, were they painful? Where on your body did you have it done? Please keep us updated on how your further procedures go.



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Hi Britt!
Sessions are OK,sometimes like slightly painful- like pinching/prickling. The lady said that I am quit skinny and may feel more compare to a lagger women. I am doing it on my bum, thighs-back and front and sides. The lady also suggested do some exersizes straight after each session and drink plenty of water.
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