Persistent Dryness Even 10 Days After Fraxel Repair

Its been 11 days since my Fraxel Repair procedure...

Its been 11 days since my Fraxel Repair procedure on my face. Although the swelling and scabbing were completely gone by about Day 5-6, the dryness and associated sand paper-like feeling on my skin has not subsided. I used the Aquaphor religiously between Day 1 and Day 10. I have continued to do vinegar soaks through today. When I went to my doctor 2 days ago, he told me that I could stop using the Aquaphor and should now switch over to my moisturizer (the same one that I was using regularly prior to the procedure).

The moisturizer is making no more difference in relieving the dryness than the Aquaphor. I am going back to work in 3 days and am very concerned about this servere dryness. If my skin is as dry as is it today I won't be presentable at work and won't be able to apply makeup to cover the residual redness.

Is this dryness, tightness/itching, and not quite sand paper-feeling normal? When will the dryness subside and is there anything more that I can do to get my skin's moisture balance back to "normal"? Please help.

Wanted to let you know that Angie Walker (awalk on realself), who has helped so many people through fraxel disasters, passed away Friday night from a brain aneurism. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
can you get Pyratine XR over the counter?
The PyratineXR is a great product (for me). It helped immediately. It is the only thing that helped. I showed it to my doctor and told him how well it worked for me. He is researching it himself. I plan to ask him what he thinks about it when I see him this week. I would use it as my regular daily moisturizer but I don't think I can afford the price. I am on my second tube and $276 poorer. As far as Fraxel is concerned, I am not sure that the results were worth the $5,000 cost (in my case). I wish it could be cheaper. My main motivation for seeking the treatment was hypopigmentation. It didn't help much with that problem. It reduced the apprearance of some small scars that I had. I didn't have any wrinkles, so I can't comment on that. If it was cheaper, I would do it again. Though, if I can get the money together, I may still do it again anyway because even a little improvement is better than none. Thanks for checking in with me. Kimmy
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