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I had my abdomen (upper and lower), flanks...

I had my abdomen (upper and lower), flanks ("love handle" area), and back done about 7 weeks ago and I have to say, I'm rather disappointed in my results.

But first, the procedure. I was assured by the doctor, his assistant, and pretty much everything I read online that the procedure would be relatively pain-free. However, I must have had a uniquely bad experience because the pain was terrible. Even after taking 2 pain pills and 2 anxiety pills (prescribed by the doctor), the pain was so intense during many points in the procedure that I was sobbing. I'm young and have a fairly high pain tolerance, so I was shocked to find the procedure was THAT bad.

The pain after the procedure was also quite intense. For a good week after the procedure, I felt like I'd been beaten very hard throughout my midsection and back. I couldn't sit up without feeling intense pain and it a challenge to find a comfortable position in which to sleep. I was told I would be able to return to working out within 2 weeks but even now, 7 weeks out, I still have some residual pain in my middiel abdomen when I run. I also still have some numb areas on my flanks.

I could let all of this go if my results were great, but unfortunately, they're not. I just received my before and after photos and it's such a disappointment. I look at them and I can hardly tell a difference between them. There are a few little areas that look a bit better, but for the most part, my body doesn't look any different.

I'm feeling a terrible amount of guilt and frustration now, because I feel like I spent a lot of money and really tore my body up for almost no benefit.

As I noted, I may just have had a particularly bad experience. But I feel like it's important that both good AND bad stories get shared here, so that's why I'm doing my review. Would I do it again? Absolutely not. It was painful, both during and after the procedure, and I feel like it was a very disappointing waste of money.

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The doctor I visited was very professional and I have no issues with the actual performance of the procedure. The doctor and his main assistant were responsive afterwards. I was also able to get in quickly for an appointment. However, in looking back, I have some pretty strong negative feelings about how the support staff behaved during the procedure. Repeated comments were made by the supporting staff throughout the procedure that made me feel less than supported as a patient. For instance, at one point, I was on the table, shaking and sobbing in pain, even though I was biting my lip to try to stop, and the two assistants were at the foot of the table talking about how anxiety looks just like pain and I was obviously just worked up. Whether it was intentional or not, I was made to feel like I was being an inconvenience because I was experiencing so much pain. It's just something to keep in mind- if you go to this doctor and happen to have a bad experience like me, you may not get a lot of support during the actual procedure.

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Yes, I just had the SmartLipo done last week, and I, too, had major pain in the areas of my lower abdomen, and flanks. Lots of burning pain. I started shaking from the pain as well. So I asked for another Xanax, and they gave it to me. The doctor told me I was sensitive, which I don't believe I am. I elected to have natural childbirth with no pain medication in a tub of water with my second child. Please.

I also asked for more numbing when the dr. moved to my knee area. He did give me more local anesthetic and it worked. I had no pain on my knee area, the second xanax kicked in, and I was so relaxed, I almost fell asleep. It almost felt good when the procedure was being done to my knees. Like a massaging feeling. Completely opposite of the major pain I felt in my stomach area, and flanks.

So, I would highly suggest to patients to make sure they are completely numb in the area before starting as there does not need to be any pain. I am very upset at my doctor for putting me through such pain, and I can't understand why he would.
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I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience, Lilbirdy. But you're right -- it's so important to share the bad as well as the good. This is so helpful for others who are making the decision to have surgery. So, thank you for sharing your story. :)

I'm curious if you're going to try anything else, like CoolSculpting or Zerona?

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