Permanent Makeup Was the Best Thing I've Done for Myself.

I love my permanent makeup. The pain was tolerable...

I love my permanent makeup. The pain was tolerable. I will have it done over and over again if I need touch up. At this time everything looks perfect. I look better now at 40 years old than when I was 18. Its all because of my Permanent makeup. It was worth every penny of the $2,400 I paid. I would recommend it to all women ( and men) out there. Thanks.

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Because I saw the good results on my friends and myself.

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mlreddin, look at recommendation then look for you self, only trust the permanent makeup artist you are happy with. Ask about follow up appointments, the techniques and the products used. Ask to see hairtroke brows and also powder brows. Never go on price, this is your face you want the best work from the best artist, it possibly will not be the most expensive. Find someone like me who works to the highest standards, even if you have to travel. Avoid discounters, why are they discounting, how busy are they? Best of luck Kind regards, Heidi Worman
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I would like to know from "Linda in Nebraska" or anyone in Nebraska who they would recommend for permanant eyebrows and/ or eyeliner. I really want to have this done but am alittle afraid of results! Thanks for any help.
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Yes if you want quaility, that is what you get. I have clients call me and ask my prices, then I find out they have got someone for £200 (I am in the uk) oh what a shame! when people come to me they are buying a service, complete and top quality. I have it no other way. I see all the questions people ask and they say it hurt, what a shame, ultra mild at most, correct technique and quality products.... its all you need. it takes years to learn, hang on I never stop learning! It looks like you had the same as you are really happy. Enjoy your makeup xx Heidi Worman Permanent Makeup
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Hi Linda! It's great to hear about your happy experience with permanent makeup! The first I received was eyeliner and couldn't believe I had not done it ages before! Is that how you felt too? Take care Cheryl
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