Love the Results, a Lot of Discomfort During the Procedure

I did my research, contacted several spas and...

I did my research, contacted several spas and plastic surgery offices that offered permanent makeup, and found an artist that has had over 8000 clients. Recommendation - keep note of all questions you have regarding the procedure, and make sure your artist willingly provides you answers to your concerns BEFORE the procedure. Not to be 'Mr. Obvious', but be sure it's something you want 'forever'. I don't wear much make up, so the first few days were awful. Everyone reacts differently, but my eyes were so swollen and puffy, and the lines looked very thick and dark (NOT what I asked for). However, after a few days of ice and neosporin, I couldn't be happier! (I had it done recently, and went back for my 2 week touch up on Friday.) I wish I had before/after pics. My artist took pics, so I will try to get them from her. The eyeliner is exactly what I wanted - VERY thin on the bottom, and medium thin on top.
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Hi Kimberly, Did you go to Permanent Makeup Clinic in Vienna, VA? I'm in McLean, VA. I'm seriously considering the eyeliner. Do you still like it a year later? I'm a mom w/3 kids and never have time for make up! Is there any way you could show your before and after pics to me? thanks.
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