Lips Awesome, Eyeliner Gone in Three Months

I had lips and eyeliner done over two years ago...

I had lips and eyeliner done over two years ago.

Originally, my lips were so pale it was hard to put on lipstick b/c I couldn't tell where they stopped. At first my lips were very dark but have faded to a very natural looking dark pink. Awesome and only mildly painful! If they continue to fade, I will go get them done again.

However, the eyeliner was extremely painful and my eyes were puffy and gross for almost two weeks. after they healed the eyeliner disappeared very quickly. Maybe the line was too thin? I don't think I would do the eyes again.

I had my lip color and eye liner done about 6 weeks ago. For the first week I looked like a vampire, then my lips faded to very pale, and on the 3rd week they turned a lovely natural rose color. The eye liner is just what I wanted--soft and natural, just enough to give my eyes some definition now that I have no lashes (lost to cancer). I will be interested to see how long this all lasts---I'll write back again in a year. It was quite painful and cost $800 for the eyes, another $800 for the lips. I would say it was definitely worth it, but might not feel the same if it all fades out to nothing in less than 3-4 years. Right now, I absolutely love how I look with it.
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She was very thorough.

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