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This was the second time I had my eyeline done. ...

This was the second time I had my eyeline done. The first time I loved it. The next time I went to somebody else that was hasty and just in it for the money. She encouraged me to have the asian look with the wing extending past my eyes. I am not asian and hate it. I realized that I could of italized my eyes if I wanted that look, but it was too late. The used is a black blue and has not faded since the day I had it done. Is there any body that can remove the wings???

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Yes, there are ways to lighten and fade out the wings. I never
ever recommend to do the wings.
Do them in the evening with a pencil. AS you age the wings are

P.S. NOT everyone that is a member or the AMA or SPCP is good.
It is a paid membership and any day trained teck can join.

Look at their website and ask for ref. IF they dont have a site they are not serious professionals.

You want a Natural Look not a Fade

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there are ways to remove "botch jobs", first off check the american academy of micropigmentation to make sure they have been appropriately certified to do permanent makeup. I do know that the president of the academy of micropigmentation has sent me videos of way to remove permanent eyeliner if done correctly, you might want to contact her to see if she knows of anyone to recommend that lives close to you. Jacquelyn
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