Eye Liner and Lip Liner - Kingston

Painful: The technician injected small needles of...

Painful: The technician injected small needles of dental anesthetic into my eyelids and lips - It was dreadful, I was not sure I could continue with the procedure but I didn't want half a job so tolerated dreadful pain. Once the anesthetic took effect it was not so bad. I thought it would never be finished.

My lips broke out into tremendous large blisters after the procedure so it was a waste of my money. The eyes were okay but the wing line was different on one eye than the other. My eyes now need a top up but I am not sure I can endure the discomfort again to get them fixed.

Wow, after reading your comments about how the technician was trained I'm very glad to hear things turned out mainly ok. Are you able to use make-up to correct the wing line on your eye so they look the same, or is it pretty difficult?

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very poor - found out the girl had one course in Viet Nam and was not licensed I was lucky she did no permanent harm.

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