Doesn't Last Long on Lips

Permanent makeup tattoo lasted about 6 years on my...

Permanent makeup tattoo lasted about 6 years on my eyeliner. After having the eyeliner for about 4 years I went in to have my lips done. It didn't even last a year on my lips, and I could hardly see much difference from the beginning. My eyeliner is mostly gone now at six years. I went to the same person both times so there shouldn't be any difference because of that.

I will do it again for eyeliner but not for lips.

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would you be willing to share the name of your clinician in denver? i live in colorado springs and i am looking for permanent eyeliner as i have allergies to eyeliner makeup. thankyou.
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I keep hoping my lips WILL fade soon. What color did you get?
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My permanent liner and brows are SOOOO worth it, looking great ten years after I had them done. My lips were NOT worth it...lasted maybe one year, not the skill of the artisan, but the lips nature ( fast cellular turn-over,scarring can happen there also). So, skip the lips. If you must do them get the liner and leave the full mouth alone dolls. Your money is better spent elsewhere.
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