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Had eyeliner done on upper/lower, brows filled...

Had eyeliner done on upper/lower, brows filled with hairline strokes, lips lined and filled with a "your lips only better color. All needed touch-ups (to be expected)and look totally great! I'm 54 and look much younger. I plan to maintain. the difference between my before and after photos is frightening. Did I really look that bad?

Pros - defines eyes lips and brows to make you look younger.

Cons - cost (DON'T go cheap on this) and can be temporarily painful. I looked like The Joker for a couple of days after lips but was told this could happen so I didn't panic.

Very much worth it!!!

Permanent Makeup by Renee

People fly in from all over the world to have Renee do their permanent makeup. She also teaches her techniques and has an amazing website.

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I'm glad you had a good experience with Renee. I went to her to redo the original makeup I had done by someone else. She did not like the shape of my brows and reshaped them. By doing this, I then had two tails on each brow. And then she wanted $600 to remove the old tails. That was two years ago and now what she did is almost as faded as the original work and I still have to use tatoo coverup on the old tails. Still looking for someone who is competent to do this.
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