Permanent Lips and Eyeliner--love It

I had eyeliner and lips done about 8 weeks ago. I...

I had eyeliner and lips done about 8 weeks ago. I discussed the procedure for about an hour with the clinician and had her draw on eyeliner with regular makeup before beginning the procedure. I also showed her a lipstick that had the color I wanted.

She told me that she could not give me both the natural look I wanted and also make it look like lipstick was applied, and that she recommended a natural brown-based berry shade that would look like beautiful real lips. She advised me that going for a real "lipstick look" might look too harsh when applied as a permanent color.

I followed her advice and I love the results. My lips have a lovely definition, look fuller, and have that nice berry color that you see on healthy children. I just had clear lip gloss to look glamorous, or lipstick when I want a dressy look. It was painful while she was doing the procedure.

My lips were swollen for a few days. I kept them drenched in neosporin for the first 24 hours as per her instructions, then kept them drenched in aquaphor, so I never got scabs on my lips. At first they were shocking vampire red, then faded to very pale, and on about the 3rd week the perfect natural berry color came out.

Definitely worth it---I just hope it lasts more than a year--I'll write back again and update you all! For now I'm thrilled---I'm 56 years old, had lost my eyelashes to cancer and was generally looking faded. This was a good solution for me.


Thanks so much for your intelligent and helpful description of your experience with lip permanent makeup! I had very frustrating experiences with my eyeliner some years back and my eyebrows a few months ago, so though I'm dying to have my lips done, now I'm extremely afraid! Since I live, as you do, in NYC, it's SO important to me to know where you had your lips done so I can go for a consultation first. I assure you here in public that no matter the outcome, I'd never hold you responsible to it. It would be such a tremendous gift from you to me if I could go to your PM operator! If you prefer to send it to me privately, please do it at nuevadela2 at rcn dot com, please? Thanks a lot again!
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I don't want to take responsibility for recommending anyone no matter how good my own experience was.

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