Permanent Facial Scarring from Liposuction?

Went in for chin liposuction. Ended up with neck...

Went in for chin liposuction. Ended up with neck muscle tightening and chin and cheek liposuction.

Chin area has firm swelling; it is not much smaller than before procedure.

I had Liposuction of my cheeks 6 weeks ago and now have these firm circular ridges that are very prominent when I smile. I showed the doctor, and he said to masssage frequently and use heat. I've been doing this for 3 weeks with little improvement. Is this permanent? Can it be fixed? Will fillers help to make them less noticeable?

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what doctor do you suggest?What do you mean by circular ridges? i am very interested in this liposuction. do you have photos posted on the web? Any help would be great.
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I'm a nurse, too. I'm just saying be careful. I hope it turns out well.
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My best friend is a nurse and this doctor comes highly recommended as well as she got her breast done by her. My appointment is on the 11 for a consult. Soo excited. Ill keep you posted :)
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My surgery for the double chin got rid of a lot, but not all of it. I had liposuction plus a lift of the muscles. I wish I had just done the lipo; I think I would have gotten about the same result for 1/3 the cost. The doc said because I am over 40 (I'm 41) I would get better results doing the muscle lift. If you are younger, I would definitely just do the lipo. I would not do the cheeks. I wish I hadn't - it's been over 2 months and I still have these circular ridges on the cheeks where the lipo was done. It's very had to do this with delicate enough technique not to show bumps, since the area suctioned is so close to the surface. The whole area looks weirdly concave as well. If you definitely want to do the cheeks, ask your doc to remove a bare minimum of fat for a better result, and demand before/after pictures of this exact procedure. From what I've read, good results of cheek lipo are rare. Good luck.
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hi, Wondering how you are getting on? I have a double chin and chubby cheeks that i want rid of. I am seriously considering the lipo but would like to hear from people who have had the procedure.
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