Permanent Eyebrows and Lash Enhancement, Well Worth It

I spent about $400 for my eyebrows and another...

I spent about $400 for my eyebrows and another $400 for lash enhancement on the top and bottom lids and I felt it was well worth it.

You really should do your research though and make sure you have someone in a more medical type facility who has artistic talent. It should be someone who can show you examples of their work and have successfully done styles similar to what you're looking for. This is permanent so a lot or research and care and forethought should be given.

Hoping to find a reliable, responsible and experienced cosmetic tattoo practitioner in my area.
You're right about the importance of doing your research--but don't be fooled by the 'medical certification' part, like I was--that only means that you are less likely to get infecte after having cosmetic tattoos done--it says nothing about the person's skill. Secondly, we as ordinary consumers know little about the art of shaping the eyebrows, and we and a society are too trusting of 'professionals'. The majority of cosmetic tattooists out there really stink--just know that--and their poor customers don't even know how bad they look with their too-dark, un-natural, 'hook and worm,' bizarre-looking eyebrows. There was a woman who went to my church whose tattooed-on eyebrows looked so weird that people would refer to her as, "You know, the woman with the funny-looking eyebrows." This woman thought she looked fantastic--she even referred me to her "great" tattooist. She never realized that her god-awful eyebrows had become the focal point of her face! What I'm saying is this: DON'T ASSUME THAT RESEARCH ALONE WILL GIVE YOU THE RIGHT ANSWERS REGARDING 'GOOD TATTOOING.' IT WON'T. Best advice to give you? Make SURE that the tattooist does NOT use a 'tattoo gun.' Tattoo guns only guarantee that you get ugly 'hooks and worms.' Secondly, make SURE that she does NOT used pre-shaped STENCILS. Pre-shaped stencils will only guarantee that your tattooed brows won't fit your face because it's impossible to make a 2 dimensional stencil work on a 3 dimensional face. Best to go with semi-permanent makeup, or to go with the 'Soft-tat' procedure.
thanks so much for your great advice but...what is "Soft tat" and "semi-permanent" makeup? I read somewhere that semi permanent makeup doesn't exist.... I'm seeking to have my lips done but after my 2 botched eyebrows & eyeliner...AND all the unfortunate botched jobs I read here, I think I'll abandon the idea. If I lived near Australia (I'm in NYC) I'd most probably go to Andrea Darby, at Cosmetic Tattoo (or tattoist) don't remember the website but try this cosmetictattoist at gmail dot com. Someone who had her described her procedure thoroughly and it really sounds like a unique place to go to. Rosedala
Extrordinaire and also Beautiful Transformations

These were clean medical based facilities, extremely sanitary and very knowledgeable. Will not compromise your appearance by doing things they do not feel is in your best interest or use color that will fade to blue or green like some "tattoo parlors" that should not be doing permanent cosmetics. This place is great, clean, ethical, nice people.

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