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Painful Injections, Lasted One Week...

I was really excited to get temp injections. My dr...

I was really excited to get temp injections. My dr told me it was last a full year so I thought I'd try it. He didn't give me any numbing anything so I wasn't prepared for the VERY painful injections that I got. After, I was pretty swollen but loved the results. I had pretty bad brusing for a week after even with icing, etc. Anyway, after approx. a week, (right after the bruising disappeared) the results were already fading. I had a few lumps in my chin area (had the perlane in my mental crease) and five months later I still have a small one. I found out later through another dr that the mental crease area as well as other areas around the mouth that are injected don't last long due to constantly using those muscles. It wasn't a horrible experience, but I wouldn't use perlane again.


I had perlane and the result lasted 3 days? the derm wanted me to try 2 vials but i opted to try one first as its spendy at 747 for a syringe. He said i'd see results one....i dont know. i had on person say i looked younger but then i chaned my hair style too...
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your doctor should have numbed you first. my doctor numbed me and i felt nothing.
rather not say

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