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Very Important!! Get It Right!!!

I had been using Juviderm every 6 to 8 months for...

I had been using Juviderm every 6 to 8 months for NL lines ~~~ Great results! Never a problem! I went to my doc 2wks before the trip of a lifetime to Maui ~~ Wanted to look AbFab! She talked me into Perlane at the last minute, saying I would LOVE the results and it would last a yr.

I agreed 'cuz I had gone to her for so long and never a problem. 'Til now!

She injected it about a half of an inch off target of the fold by mistake. I noticed it right away but she said it was the swelling and would go down. 3 days later, I went to see her in a panic ~~~ Not only did it not fill in the fold, it accentuated the orignal fold by building up a 5 inch trough from the corner of my mouth to my nose! It was a big puffy line. People were asking if something had happened. One girl said it looked like I had a stroke!! It burned and tingled for months! Talk about ruining a trip! Everybody was taking pictures constantly and I had to do everything to avoid pix. Bummer! I have been back every 3mos to try and fill the original fold with Juviderm. It has cost me a fortune and it doesn't last long.

The bad part is ~~ It's been 10 months and it is still there. Very little improvement. I try and cover w/ makeup but really no help.

If this soft, puffy little cloud had been injected in the right place I might've loved it! No allergic reaction, as I had it on the other side of nose and it was great! Make sure your doc is doing it right!

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who did you go to? You are in Denver, right. did you find someone else that does a good job?
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You can have hyaluronidase injected to make the product go away.Strange that your dr wouldn`t tell you this.Call the manufacturer.
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yes, your doctor sounds like she is trying to cash in on your misfortune. you can have an injection to make the filler just disappear. i was told that the first time i had a filler. if i did not like it, we could get rid of it. did you go to a derm, plastic surgeon or, did you go to one of those places where aesstheticians do these procedures? looks like they owe you something, at the least an explanation.
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