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My lips were flat & looked severe and, from the...

My lips were flat & looked severe and, from the side, masculine. I saw Dr. Jennifer Henderson in the Larrabee Ctr in Seattle, and asked her to make a new upper lip line about 3 mm (in the ctr, and tapering off) above my real lip line. I had had permanent lip color tattooed in, but you could still see where my real lip began. She did a wonderful job & fluffed up both my upper & lower lip. And my nasolabial folds. After the initial swelling went down, I looked just like I wanted to. Perlane is supposed to last for a year, but I suspect it's not going to last that long for me. Dr. Henderson recently went back east to get training in a new fat transfer technique. This is supposed to last forever. I thought I'd get the Perlane first so we could define how my lips should look when she does the fat transfer. I give Dr. Henderson an A+. (The price listed is for 3 vials. 1 vial = 1 cc.
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Yes. Info about Jennifer Henderson is here: http://www.larrabeecenter.com/our_practice_henderson.aspx, and about the Larrabee Center is here: http://www.larrabeecenter.com/. Dr. Henderson is very very intelligent & apparently came out on top in all her phases of medical training. She's also nice, and seems to really care about giving the patient what they want. If anyone sees her due to my posts, please tell her that I recommended her. Maybe she'll give me a discount.
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Do you have Jennifer's contact information? I searched for her on Google and couldn't find her. What's her specialty? Thx!
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