Perlane Injections

A complete and utter waste of time and my hard...

A complete and utter waste of time and my hard earned money Would not recommend to anyone. Very painful while the injections were being done. ( I had a numbing cream put on prior to procedure but it didnt help whatsoever)It was supposed to diminish fine lines around my mouth but instead did nothing.

I have two very large bumps on my face and a bruise that will not go away. Will never have this done again will grow old gracefully.


i do not have bumps from my pearlane treatment and my two friends do not. we all went to the same reputable, facial plastic surgeon. i had no bruising. i was told, that two weeks prior to my treatment (as well with botox), to stop taking any medication, or suplements that thin your blood, or aspirin. this causes bruising. girls, you have to take your health seriously and find someone qualified, with all the info. you can get before doing anything. its just not worth it. i am getting pearlane when i need it, i have been through it, i have a great facial, plastic surgeon and i had a fabulous outcome, as did my two friends.
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I have been doing Pearlane out of the USA since 2004. I have tried Radiesse and of course Restylane. To be very honest American women Pealane does bruise, but that is not the worst part, the worst part is the lumps and bumps it leaves under the skin. They look like small pebbles. It is noticeable on lips and under eyes and cheeks. Please choose Radiesse or any other filler which has a more natural look and feel!
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Gigi3 is right! I went to a Dr who ONLY does faces. There are no specials like : let me do your Perlane , Botox, Restylane at regular price and I'll give ya 50% off on your boob job and if you get your boob job here, I'll give ya 60% off on your lipo. Yeah baby! THAT should scare you away.....then again, probably not.... your HOMEWORK! Your FACE is like your Car. You want look like a Lexus or a beat up Chevy ?!?
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