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Perlane Doesn't Last on Me Anymore

Treatment is uncomfortable near nose but otherwise...

Treatment is uncomfortable near nose but otherwise ok. Swelling lasts upto 5 days but is worth it if it lasts. The effect is amazing at first but doesnt last on me.

I had 2 syringes of perlane in June, in nasiol labial folds and they wore off in 4 weeks! I had 2 more with a different clinic 5 weeks ago and they have worn off again! help! I have been having this done for a couple of years now and it used to last 6 to 9 months, what is wrong?
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Absorption of perlane and other hylauronic acids has a lot to do with metabolism, so if you've done a lot of exercise recently, or changed diet/lifestyle, that may have something to do with it? I have a very fast metabolism, so perlane only lasts around 4 months in me.
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Thank you for your reply. I am under stress at the moment and am wondering if it is that after reading your reply. Have you continued with Perlane? or have you tried something else? Thanks
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Yes try Raddiesse or PMMA (artefil). Best of Luck Dr B
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Make sure it is not counterfeit perlane!And did you pay much less, if so than it was bogus perlane. Did you seethe package that it came in or did the doctor bring in a syringe only? I guess you can see where I'm going. Ethical practices are hard to control unethical surgeon injectors. Please be careful out there. Retail for 1 syringe of perlane from $750 to $1,000 Regards
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In June I did not see the packet, but this time, November I went to a reputable clinic and saw the box etc. Can stress or any medical conditions affect it being re absorbed by the body? Is this what is happening? i really don't understand. Do you think i should try a semi permanent product? Raddiesse? Thanks for your help.
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