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Ouch -- the Cost; Not the Procedure! $780!!!

I had an RN at a plastic surgery center (where I'd...

I had an RN at a plastic surgery center (where I'd had other enhancements) do my Perlane. I have lumps on my face! The bruising lasted almost two weeks. I have a slight decrease in the ginormous wrinkle, but hardly worth it when you consider that in some lights I look pock-marked. Guess what! I signed a waiver that I understood that not all cosmetic procedures have a desired effect. Things I would do differently: ask more questions (such as "How many times have you done this?")and I would ask to see pictures that she (herself) has done.
sorry to hear you are unhappy, I was somewhat displeased with the symmetry that I got from my Dr. but no use asking for photos... do you really think she'd show you any that didn't look fantastic? c'mon now
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