Perlane Combined with Accent XL and Thermage

Restylane and Perlane is fantastic and works...

Restylane and Perlane is fantastic and works really well for me. I also have an expert injector in Palo Alto that is amazing. Its the skill of the physician that is of paramount importance in my opinion. I have had Restylane injected by different MD's with mediocre results and it does make a difference who does the work.

I am currently receiving Accent XL treatments and I just had Perlane injected into my jawline. I am due for another Accent XL treatment in 5 days but secondary to the Perlane injection will I need to wait for the Accent XL? Also, I am benefiting from radiofrequency treatments and am considering Thermage. How long do I need to wait between Accent XL treatments and Thermage?

Lynn Bartels, N.P., R.N. Aesthetic Nurse

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I am curious as to why you have chosen Thermage since that modality is know to shrink tissue. In the long run, won't this treatment prove to give one a prunish appearance?
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I'm not a doctor so I can't answer your question about shrinkage but I decided not to do Thermage.
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