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Questions About Swelling - Peoria, IL

Liposuction on waist & love handles is what I want...

Liposuction on waist & love handles is what I want to have. Can anyone tell me how long bruising & swelling last? I have a fitted dress I need to look good in 8 weeks after procedure. I don't need a lot of lipo. Can someone tell me there experience please, looking for suggestions please. Or should I put it off a few months. It's imperative I wear this dress to a wedding
I also had bruises for about a week (mine weren't bad). I'm less than three months out and looks significantly better in clothes than I did before. I do still have some swelling and hope to look even better in a couple more months. I hope this helps you!
Thanks I'm really undecided about what to do. I'm thin & 117 # I want lipo to get rid of tiny love handles on the side& my fat always accumulates under my bra back, I'm hoping for a smoother look on my sides
My experience would have allowed me to wear a form fitting dress in eight weeks. Bruising lasted maybe a week, but not very bad. Swelling may still be present but not enough to interfere with wearing your dress.

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