Creating a New ME.. - Peoria, IL

I have finally come to conclusion that I want to...

I have finally come to conclusion that I want to create a new me. .I have very small breast and a flat butt... sucks... I have always been uncomfortable with myself. .. I hate the way my clothes fit. . On top of it all I'm very thin.. with all that being said it's time. To do something about it so follow me on my journey to a new me... I am faithfully on this site reading the reviews and looking at results. . Now it's my time to find the.right surgeon to help me with my dream body... Breast and a nice butt.. here's a couple of my wish pics. ..


Well come to RS. I wish your hope come true. same here i never happy with my body at all. Is time for us to do somethings make us feel confident for our self. Good luck Barbie1!!!!
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Thanks...And it's so true we do need to do something to build our confident... I wish nothing but the best for you as well..

searching for my surgeon

I'm now in search of my surgeon.. I'm 5'7 120 lbs .. I live in illinois and I am wI'll in to travel.. I'm wanting breast and butt implants.. I've had one consultation for my breast do I kinda have an idea of what I want just not 100% of the size .. with the butt implants I'm clueless... so as of now I'm wanting my breast done first...


Hey r u? I'm in the peoria.Il area too & wanting to do bbl. . Have u looked into docs yet & who's your first choice? Keep me posted love & wish u well)
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breast implant cost

How much should I expect to pay for breast implants only...I'm currently an A CUP wanting C CUP


Hey! I heard Dr. Lacerna will do both butt implants and breast for 12,000! Im booked with her this December. I'm just getting butt implants but that's seems like one heck of a deal. I love her work. Just thought id let you know lol check her out , and see what you think:)
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Thanks so much Pudge. I will definitely check her out. . That price sounds really nice..
Where is Dr. Lacerna located?
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