Mother of One, Breastfed Two Cup Sizes Away

I am a mother of one that breastfed two cup sizes...

I am a mother of one that breastfed two cup sizes away. I knew this was the only way to finally feel like myself again, and then some. :)

I am a little concerned with the result right now tho I am only two days post op.

I had a breast lift with implants two days ago.We went with 550cc in one side and 600cc in the other . The side where I have 550 is extremely large at the top. Could this just be swelling or should I be worried
i think you over paid and should have done more research or these or bad photos.
who was your doctor? I live in pensacola and have been looking around...
They look just like my friends did. It took 6 weeks and her's now look amazing... I had a breast lift with implants and mine look like that now. Well let me explain. I had a lift done first, with only 60cc waited two months before I had the implants filled up to 280cc and I go back next week to fill them all the way. I have my ports removed on May 4th. At which we will tweak any minor changes...that will be give me two months for them to settle down after the second fill. I also had adjustable implants, which is amazing. I have two - three shots and getting them just the right size.
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