Not happy - Pennsylvania

Had Zoom done 2 weeks ago and I am not satisfied...

Had Zoom done 2 weeks ago and I am not satisfied at all. First and foremost, I see no difference in the shade of my teeth!

I made it through the whole procedure without any discomfort, but later that night and all of the next day I had horrible pain. I understand results will be different for everyone, but feel there should be some improvement or your money back.

What a rip-off! I would not recommend ZOOM to anyone. My daughter has tried Crest White Strips and has had better results. I should have bought them instead.

Thanks for sharing your experience with Zoom. The pain is what has always scared me off from this procedure. (!)

Was your dentist able to explain why you didn't see results?

There was no explanation other than everyone has different results. The person I talked to at the Zoom customer service department asked me a series of questions such as, do you have dark teeth from using antibiotics, have you had root canals, filings, etc. that may have caused the poor results. I had none of these.
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