Lipo of Breasts, Tummy and Love Handles Soooooo Not Worth It.

You may notice that I spent more than others for...

You may notice that I spent more than others for my procedure. I assumed you get what you pay for, I was wrong.

Let me begin with the positives:

  • the doctor and staff were exceptionally nice
  • i had virtually no pain even through recovery
  • i was up and doing normal activities within 1 day post op

Now the things that made it so not worth it:

  • my lipo came out uneven
  • the scars are much more noticeably than i was led to believe
  • I am STILL VERY LARGE with a 42" inch waist. Exactly what i was when i went in. There was virtually no change in my physique.
  • I am mentally and emotionally destroyed from using my entire savings for a procedure that did virtually nothing.

*Important notes:

  • I am 4 months post procedure
  • I did everything i was suppose to including use of a compression garment for 6 weeks
  • My skin is loose and lumpy now
  • I am more embarrassed to take off my shirt now than before the procedure
i think they use u for ur money i would find away to sue his Ass especially if u dont feel good about urself dont let him get away with that
I feel so bad that you had that experience You should contact him and ask for a do over! Also, I would place his name and office info online so other will not waste their money or time. Take care
I'm so sorry,you must feel so hurt and betrayed by what was done and the out come and what they told you. I too myself had lipo on my stomach and flanks 4 days ago,but it's too soon to tell for me. Right now I'm just happy that I survived the last couple of days. The pain was excruciating. I well keep u posted. If you want to talk don't hesitate. Just because the md was nice does not make your procedure any less important. The job was botched. I urge you to go back and talk to him. Please keep me posted.
Monarch Med Spa

The doctor was very nice, but the results were so bad I'm embarrassed to put up a photo of myself.

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