Mommom in Need of Making Herself Look Better. Getting TT and Lipo. - North Wales, PA

This will be more like a mommom makeover. I'm...

This will be more like a mommom makeover. I'm 54 and in need of making myself look better. This is long awaited. I have to get it in before grandbaby# 7 comes along. So here I go. So many things going on in my mind. Have my pre-op visit with the Sr. On Weds. So many questions still. I have been reading all the stories and they have been a big help since we are all in this together. I am so nervous and sick, but my husband said to think positive and so I am trying, also praying lots which really helps. Pics to come soon as soon as I can figure out how to post. Wishing you all the best, here goes nothing. I know this week will go fast. Well March 9 is the big day!

Hope your surgery was successful! Hope that you are resting and feeling better as the days goes by. Take Care
thinking of you today! Just think... you are almost there!!! Prayers for you!
Wow just three days! Prayer does help! It always makes me feel better. Your hubby is right, good thoughts. Sending prayers your way!
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