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Hi Everyone, I had the procedure yesterday and it...

Hi Everyone, I had the procedure yesterday and it was painful in a few spots but definitely tolerable and I did not take any medications. I chose level 35 (50 really hurt) and I was marked 16 spots (4 rows of 4) across my belly. My doctor and her assistant was amazing in getting me through the painful spots. It took about 11/2 hours and felt fine to drive myself home.

Today my stomach feels tender and I have 2 small bruises. I am 52 years old and hope to see the 1 inch reduction in 8-12 weeks. I will keep you updated. These reviews really helped me in deciding to have the procedure.


Hi Im in PA, can you share what Dr you went to please?
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Hi Debra,
Dr. Anna Buinewicz in Doylestown.
She and her staff were wonderful.
It has been 5 weeks and I think that I am starting to see results. Every once in a while I feel tightness in my stomach but nothing at all painful. Hope it's the fat burning away!!
To be continued.....
yes, please keep us updated..good luck!
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It has been 9 weeks and I am very happy with the...

It has been 9 weeks and I am very happy with the results. I have lost over an inch in my waist and about an inch around my stomach and it does seem flatter. I was told that the full results takes 12 weeks so I am optimistic that I will lose more.
My clothes definitely feel looser. Once in a while I feel a little spasm like something is going on in my stomach but other than that absolutely nothing.
I thought that I would lose a few pounds but the scale has not moved.
to be continued......


I'm right in Doylestown but I havent heard of her. How's it going with your results?

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