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I had sun damage and light wrinkles around my...

I had sun damage and light wrinkles around my mouth.
The first treatment they wiped my face with alcohol (stunk) and then the treatment. It felt like a pinch and within 15 minutes it felt like a bad sunburn. I put the air conditioning on high and that helped cool my face down.
4 weeks later I just got my second treatment. It hurt but it was tolerable.
I love the results. Sun spots are lightened and skin is tighter and smoother. For me it was worth every penny.
Will write again after my 3rd treatment

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What lasesr did they use?
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Matrix fractional CO2.
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Hi Susan- just wondering what results if any, you are seeing with your 2nd treatment? I had my 1st procedure done on 11/18/10 and experienced improvement in skin texture/tone but minimal impovement on scarring and wrinkles. I will be having a second procedure sometime in January.
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Thanks Susan,

The kind of pain and knowing you needed to turn on the AC is useful to the community. Yes please do keep us updated for your 3rd treatment. Do you have pictures?



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