On Tray 5, So Far Pretty Happy with my Decision

So I'm 18 and my teeth are pretty messed up, so I...

So I'm 18 and my teeth are pretty messed up, so I decided it was finally time to do something about it. I spoke with my Dentist about the possibility of invisalign and she was all about it.

I got my impressions done and got my first set of aligners sometime in February. Getting them on, I was real nervous about the lisp that I was told I would have and wasn't sure how the attachments would be. Getting them on, however, my anxieties were eased. The lisp is honestly barely noticeable. The first two days, when the aligners are really tight on your teeth, the lisp is more noticeable, but after you barely notice it unless you think about it. I wasn't thrilled about the 10 attachments I had to get, but they really aren't that noticeable; people only see when I point them out.

As far as people noticing at all, unless I tell people, they have no idea. Being on tray 5 of 21 on the top and 5 of 14 on the bottom, I haven't noticed too many differences in my teeth. Maybe it's because I'm so critical of myself, but I hope to see more difference soon. The Dentist says she sees differences and says I should notice more by tray 8 or 9.

I'm happy at this point with my decision. They're not noticeable, they weren't as expensive as anticipated, and they're not uncomfortable at all. I hate having to take them out all the time to eat, but it's nothing to do it at all; it's worth it for the straight teeth.

If you have any questions, comment below and I'll answer back.

Hey rigo. Well did you get impressions done yet and have them sent away? Because I'm pretty sure theres no exact measure until the lab takes a look at everything and decides on your specific treatment. Your ortho may be very experienced and be able to estimate pretty well, but I didn't find out until I got the first set of aligners. Each tray is to be worn for two weeks so for me personally the top will take 42 weeks and the bottom will take 28 weeks. So 18 weeks would be pretty quick, meaning your teeth aren't too bad. Overall invisaligns great; go for it.
hey its rigo well im 18 and i just started to look into this becuase i dont like my smile and im wondering how many months did the ortho saud your treatment would take.? my ortho said 18 weeks but idk? is that alot? i havent seen the actually invisilign results it was just his estimate, i guess?
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