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To look younger, tighten and refine skin, even out...

To look younger, tighten and refine skin, even out skin texture and color, remove fine lines

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Dr. is a rarity among his peers. He is highly skilled and expert, but also a caring, kind and nice person. He makes you feel comfortable, he is always open and interested in your questions, explains and takes his time with you. I will go to no one else, and I sing his praises to all I meet. He has helped me greatly in looking my best. I'm no beauty, but thanks to him, I have great skin and I don't look my age.

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Or pinhole marks all over ...
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Dear poster, did you have any "track lines" or damage (increased laxity, fat loss, wrinkles come back after swelling went down, pigmentation differences permanently)? How did it go?
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