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Consulted with three plastic surgeons and one...

Consulted with three plastic surgeons and one oculoplastic surgeon. Started this search three years ago. Have been stalking this site for months reading everyone's reviews. Thank you, I t has been very helpful. Had surgery under local in office. Felt comfortable with eye specialist and online pictures. Made it quite clear I just wanted the skin off lashes, nothing else. Medial fat was also removed. Eight days out and kinda of freaking out and I hope for no reason, but clearly my incisions are not even and I am upset. He mentioned my left brow being higher and suggested an endoscopic lift which I declined. Also suggested doing lower lids, but I take things in small steps. Plus my lowers don't bother me. At this point and time I am not happy. But I also know I am early post op. I have my follow up tomorrow morning so hopefully I will be reassured. Incisions very red and eyelids are still swollen and lumpy. Expected lumps but it is very red. Thanks for listening.


Hang in there!  The first couple weeks can be rough, but as you mentioned it is hard to know what your results will be this early post-op.

I hope you keep us posted on your healing progress.
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Keep us posted. Did you use an Ocularplastic?
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Yes. Oculoplastic specialist. Thanks Jill. How do you post photos?

13 days out

Hey everyone. Need some advice. Know I am early but very concerned about asymmetry. Anyone deal with this and had an acceptable outcome? Has anyone massaged incisions? Appreciate any input. Thanks.


Thank you Las!!
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I think you look great !!
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i massage my scars everyday with a drop of olive oil and they have really softened!
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Not getting any better. As you can see because of the uneven incisions my eyelids are now asymmetric. Went to the mall today for the first time and had to leave. Could not stand looking at my asymmetric eyes.


Thank you stillsouthern. Good luck in your quest! Be careful. Recovery is much longer and harder than I had anticipated.
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Who did your surgery, a oculoplastic surgeon orPS?
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Bad results and pain

Eyes asymmetric. Every last bit of fat was literally ripped out in corner by nose. Was marked but not measured. Have skin hanging laterally over right side. States I need brow lift. Suggested this at consult but did NOT tell me eyes would be so asymmetric if not done or I would have NOT had this done I think the worse part is the pain I am experiencing in the left inner eye by nose where there was more fat. Doctor looked but said he could not see anything. Solution by this doctor is to lower left crease and raise right eyebrow. Really? Why was the left crease made SO high initially? Like I would ever let this man cut me again. As you can tell by earlier photos incision are not symmetric. This entire experience has been devastating for me. Went to revision specialist who has seen other patients from this doctor. Do not let him touch you! Will post photos later.

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Three months out. Rating changed to not worth it with this doctor.

Photos from today. I think upper blepharoplasty has awesome results if done by a great surgeon. I have seen the great results on this site. Just wanted to put this doctor's name out there so no one has to experience what I have been going through. Plenty of great surgeons out there. Dr Lee is not one of them.


Hi, I would really like to see a picture of your whole face before and after the procedure. I do not see any problem in the pictures you show of your eyes after the procedure. We are never symmetrical, may be you are seeing a problem where there isn't.
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Do you work for Doctor Lee? Are you forgetting about the pain?? I certainly have not. That in of itself is a major issue! Why do you need to see my whole face? Only uppers done and only asked for skin off lashes. I get especially as we age we become less symmetric, however, the difference in the incisions is significant, thus causing asymmetry. Remember I was marked not measured. Stupid of me not to mention this but then again I was sedated and trusted Dr. Lee. Not to mention the PAIN from the fat being yanked out of my inner eye leaving now what I would consider to be a hole. In closing I think the latest pictures speak for themselves.
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Scranton Oculoplastic Surgeon

I will give my final review pending outcome of this procedure.

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