Larger Than Expected (52 Years Old; After Menapause my Breasts Were Like Udders)

I am 52 years old and after menapause my breasts...

I am 52 years old and after menapause my breasts were like utters. I told myself I wasn't too old to feel better about myself so I chose to have the surgery. I told the surgeon I only wanted to be a b cup which I had been in my best days. I am definitely a full c and am very unhappy. They are also too far apart. I am only 5'3 and weigh 105lbs.

I am angry that he didn't take my true feeling into consideration and when he ordered 300cc, I didn't have a clue what that meant. Is he at all responsible?

If I want revision surgery do I have to pay full cost?


I'm 46 and had an augmentation revision 1 1/2 wks ago. I had drains in this time and had over 300cc fluid drain from each breast. This helped me see how incredibly swollen my breasts were when I had my first aug. 20 years ago. I had 385cc back then and had no idea that that were soooo huge due to the large amt of fluid post-op that surrounds them. I remember about 1-2 weeks later most of the swelling was gone and my breasts looked great! This may be your situation. So, be patient. I really feel plastic-surgeons truly try and tailor implants to your wishes. They try and sculpt your body with the eye of an artist! I hope you end up delighted with your new size! Just give it some time, you'll probably be amazed. I also know I'm healing alot slower this time and I'm sure it has to do with my age. Good-Luck Sweetie!
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He didn't respect my desires. It wasn't worth it only because it is not the size that I wanted.

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