Financing ........Dr.Beran NY or Dr.Gabey PA

I am finally 100 percent sure I want a Bigger...

I am finally 100 percent sure I want a Bigger Booty and smaller waist. Most of my life I was a skinny mini with no booty. After my second Daughter I put on 20 pound all in the midsection and arms, I thought I would be happy to have the weight dont get me wrong I am not completly disappointed but wish the fat just went to my Booty..Lol..Well Im 27 5"7 and 165 pounds. I am hoping this procedure is sucessful. Consultation to com Oct 10 with Dr.Gabey in PA..I had three other PS in mind but am not to sure I want to transport by Airplane..

Hey all I meant Plastic Surgeons...LOL..So I...

Hey all I meant Plastic Surgeons...LOL..So I really wanted to Finance but looks like I will have to save up..Dr Gabey prices seem very affordable but they aren't the same prices for everyone. I am still going to look into Financing .Fingers crossed.

hey girl,

welcome to the bbl sisterhood.  Some girls on here end up traveling becuase you fall crazy for some out of state ps so traveling by plane isnt too bad, i have yet to do it so so take me on that.  As far as financing companies there are a few out there so gl with everything and keep us posted.
welcome.. what other sugreys were you considering??!

So I have been applying for Financing...And so far...

So I have been applying for Financing...And so far Medical Financing No Patient left behind approved me but I would have to put .200 dwn , I did pay the 15 dollar fee.But O am not to sure about depositing the 200 just because I am starting to feel harassed. The finance company called me three times today ans stated I have three days to deposit. I am also looking into bodycosmetica. I just may take out a personal loan . HELP what should I do?
hey i was jus wondering how was ur consultation? i got to gabay on nov. 7 i was wondering what ur quote was and how is ur search with financing because i was trying to do the same...thanks in advance!!
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