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My eyeliner looks like someone drew it on with a...

My eyeliner looks like someone drew it on with a pencil. I say that because it is the soft gray color of a pencil and about as thick as a pencil mark. I asked for dark brown and even came in with my makeup on so she would see how I like it.

It took about an hour and a half at the spa. It was uncomfortable but not painful. It healed in a matter of days. At first it looked kind of backish, then faded to gray in the following weeks. I went back ask if she used the wrong color and she said you can't really get a true brown. If she knew that before she should have told me before taking my money. She offered a free touchup but I didn't know what that would do for me other than give a darker gray or make it black.

Besides the pencil color, now I'm glad it isn't any thicker that a pencil mark or it would be harder to cover up. If I had liked the color I wouldn't have been happy with this pencil thin line since I wear mine thicker than that on top. Before she did it, she was just all yes yes about everything I said I wanted for color and thickness. After the fact, she says well you can't this and you can't that.

Could you email me the name of the place. I'm looking to get the eyeliner done and want to avoid the bad places. I have not read one good review for the Dallas area
I can't blame you for being angry. The woman shouldn't have lied to you--no professional should ever lie to about anything they do. Especially when it comes to something like facial tattoos, which are permanent--and if undesirable are like bad scars. For a tattooist to lie about results, given they're permanent, is a sin that she should burn in hell over! Tell her I said so. And report her to your state's attorney general; to the BBB, even though she isn't a member (the BBB can still exert their influence, although small); and, perhaps most influential of all,file a complaint counseling board of the town or city in which she practices. This board won't have any legal clout over your tattooist--but it will let them know that there's this 'problem practitioner' within their town/city's boundaries--a dishonest practitioner--and it will embarrass the heck out of the tattooist to the point where she may want to pull up roots and leave or stop practicing what she does. If nothing else, at least insist on getting your money back. I know, that's small compensation for what you've been through, but at least it's something. And it sends the message, 'You'd better not keep on lying to people, you _____ tattooist.'
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